Knowzies Blog: Celebrating 50th Blog Post – Thank YOU

It is said that nothing is impossible if you believe in it...

I still recall a brainstorm session with my marketing team in early April 2016 post launch of our brand new website and we were arguing if we will be able to achieve our landmark of 50 blogs by November???

It was a big ask for a relatively  young and a new  company like Knowzies to achieve this landmark with the limited availability of resources... But today I am proud that  "YES, WE DID IT". I am glad to share that today Knowzies is publishing the  50th blog post for the Knowzies Blog. Yes, you heard it right - 50th blog post, feeling really happy!!!

On this occasion, we wish to thank all our esteem readers and followers for taking the time to read, comment and share our blog posts. We sincerely appreciate and greatly value our business relationship. We will ensure that we keep contributing to the eLearning world with best of our expertise and best of knowledge.  Needless to say, I also wish to thank you all my marketing team who day in day out works on finding new topics which are relevant to our users.

On this landmark, I wish to take an opportunity to take a pause and  do a quick recap of Our First 50 Blog Posts Categorized  in a Particular Order in case you haven't been with us since the beginning.

First Blog Post - May 12, 2016

    1. Knowzies Launches New Blog

Mobile Learning

    1. Custom Mobile Learning for Enterprise Users – 7 Key Benefits
    2. Custom Mobile Learning: 5 Misconceptions
    3. 5 Key Considerations While Moving Learning From Desktop To Mobile
    4. Mobile eLearning Development: 6 Tips To Consider
    5. 10 Key Trends In Mobile Learning
    6. mLearning – Dos and Don'ts
    7. Creating Mobile eLearning Using Authoring Tools – The Process
    8. 'Flash' – Dead & Resurrected

Responsive eLearning

    1. What is Responsive eLearning?
    2. Responsive eLearning: Need of the Hour
    3. 7 Reasons To Like Responsive eLearning
    4. Responsive Vs Adaptive Design for eLearning
    5. eLearning in the Multi Device Ecosystem: An Overview
    6. Multi-device Testing For eLearning Courses – Key Considerations
    7. Key Aspects of Developing eLearning in the Multi-device Ecosystem

eLearning Authoring Tools

    1. eLearning Authoring Tools – What & Why?
    2. Top 10 eLearning Authoring Tools
    3. 4 Effective Ways To Gain Cost Advantage With eLearning Authoring Tools
    4. What Are The Most Important Features In An eLearning Authoring Tool?
    5. 7 Key Future Trends in Tool Based eLearning Development
    6. Feature Comparison Of Top 3 eLearning Authoring Tools
    7. 6 Significant Authoring Tools For eLearning Development
    8. Authoring Tool Based eLearning Development, Boon or Bane?
    9. Why Articulate Storyline is the Tool of Choice for Rapid Elearning Development
    10. Key Tips To Develop Software Simulations Using Articulate Storyline

eLearning Development / Outsourcing / Videos

    1. eLearning Standards To Consider While Developing eLearning Courses
    2. 4 Myths About Rapid eLearning Development
    3. 5 Factors To Consider While Selecting eLearning Vendor
    4. 5 Reasons Why eLearning Projects Fail
    5. 5 Pivotal Steps To Convert Old Flash eLearning Into HTML5
    6. Is Your eLearning Catalog Future-ready for Mobile Users?
    7. eLearning Engagement: 7 Tips to Keep Your Audience Hooked
    8. 7 Steps To Design Simulation Based eLearning Course
    9. 6 Benefits of Outsourcing eLearning
    10. Outsourcing eLearning? How Supportive Your eLearning Vendor Is?
    11. 5 Effective Ways to Convert Classroom Training into eLearning
    12. 9 Things To Focus On While Creating eLearning Videos
    13. How to Effectively Use Videos in eLearning
    14. How to Create Game-based eLearning: 6 Key Tips

eLearning Trends / Acronyms / Blogs

    1. 5 eLearning Trends For 2016
    2. 10 Commonly Used Acronyms by eLearning Industry
    3. Top 10 Recommended eLearning Blogs Every eLearning Enthusiast Must Follow
    4. Pokemon Go and eLearning: Key Takeaways
    5. New Fishes in the eLearning Town – Millennials

Learning Management System (LMS)

    1. 10 Reasons Why SaaS LMS Is A More Economical Alternative
    2. 7 Tips To Consider While Selecting A Learning Management System (LMS)

People Analytics

    1. People Analytics: The Game Changer for HR
    2. Key Trends In People Analytics: An HR Perspective

Fiftieth Blog Post - Nov, 10, 2016

  1. Knowzies Blog: Celebrating 50th Blog Post – Thank YOU

We hope that we have been successful in our attempt to keep all our readers updated about the latest trends in eLearning and mLearning and also seeking their views on the same.

Once again, we thank you for your continued patronage. Happy reading….

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