4 Myths About Rapid eLearning Development

Rapid eLearning which is really nothing but eLearning development using authoring tools, has been widely accepted by both the eLearning industry development companies and the organizations using eLearning. Today we have over a dozen eLearning authoring that have greatly evolved and even deliver multi-device eLearning. We have recently talked about some of the best ones in our previous blogs - Top 10 eLearning Authoring Tools, 6 Significant Authoring Tools For eLearning Development. However, as with any other software, there still are some myths about authoring tools as well and so to say about, their capabilities etc. that which pop up once in a while during our interactions with various clients. Which is why we were are impelled to write on this topic. So without further ado, let's get about with busting some Common Myths about Rapid eLearning Development.

1. Low Cost = Low Quality

It's a known fact that rapid eLearning development is cost effective, however this does not mean that the quality is compromised. We have earlier written earlier about the 4 Effective Ways to Gain Cost Advantage with eLearning Authoring Tools. The low quality of eLearning created using authoring tools is normally due to the issues with instructional designing/the story boarding and also due to problems in requirement gathering. So, stop putting the blaming on the rapid authoring tools.

2. Fast Development = Copy Paste

Rapid as the name suggests, gives you the assurance that the eLearning development takes less time in comparison with traditional custom eLearning development. But, unlike popular belief it does not mean it is just copy pasted content from the text or PowerPoint version. There is a great amount of customization and actual storyboarding process as in any other eLearning project that is and can be done based on the learning requirement.

3. Low Expertise = Less Interactivity

The use of authoring tools doesn't need much knowledge in programming. It can be learnt easily and Instructional designers/SMEs too can develop the course themselves using such tools. This however doesn't mean that the eLearning consists only of next and back button. Rapid authoring tools are capable of creating a commendable amount of interactivity and used for designing even games these days, and quite often in creating Software Simulations too.

4. Frameworks = Uninspiring/Repetitive GUI

Authoring tools mostly come with many options or presets commonly known as templates. The template libraries consists of a large variety of color palettes, different types and sizes of buttons, font etc. Many clients have asked us whether it means using the same type of interface in all the courses created. But, the truth is that a great amount of customization can be done if the one creating the course is well versed with the functions of the tool. Having a developer do it often opens up greater possibilities.

Rapid eLearning development has its perks and with the recent advancements most come with added features. It also gives the flexibility of up-gradations in future in case the technology/content is updated.

Hope this busts some myths around rapid eLearning development that often influence your decision making too. Next time view rapid eLearning development with a positive eye, and in case your eLearning requirements call for custom development then take the call accordingly. Till then happy eLearning!!!

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