Custom Mobile Learning: 5 Misconceptions

There are a few things that remain the same, no matter which era or time, and irrespective of the technology associated. One such thing is misconception or myth associated with every new change, every new advancement. Which is why those associated with custom mobile learning should come as no big surprise.

We believe that custom mobile learning has a long way to go and as learning developers it's our duty to right at least a few misconceptions. So, here’s our take on those.

Misconception #1: Learning on Mobiles???

This has and still remains in the top of all misconceptions. Custom mobile learning has been touted as the preferred choice for performance support-considering its capability to easily deliver learning at the point of need. This very quality, the freedom of device usage, and most of all the comfort or ease of use make mobiles a great mode to deliver learning. As far as readability, usability etc. are concerned, custom mobile learning is designed keeping those aspects in mind, and screen size is no longer an issue. So, we ask Mobile Learning- why not?

Misconception #2: It is Just Compressed Custom eLearning

Custom Mobile Learning does not mean compressed custom eLearning. If anything, the very use of the word Custom should say it all. Custom Mobile learning is eLearning designed keeping the device in mind. The courses are usually designed so as to include swipe controls, with lesser textual content, scrolling feature, mobile interaction models and much more. It would be a compressed eLearning in cases where Adaptive design is used to create course for desktop and mobile versions. This design model however is usually used when eLearning is mostly desktop based and only a few mobile devices are in picture. In cases where the mix of mobile, desktops and any other device is to be considered, Responsive design is a good way to go about with.

Misconception #3: It Cannot be Standalone

Yet another age-old belief is that Mobile Learning cannot be a standalone. This is mostly assumed considering the small screen size, and the drive towards bite-sized learning. However, over the years it has been proved that a complete learning experience can be delivered across easily through mobiles. Take for instance, the learning apps like Duolingo, that work just as well as the desktop counterpart and learning videos on You Tube- success reports have been staggering.

Misconception #4: Custom Mobile Learning is Too Costly

Customizations do come at a price, and so does Custom Mobile Learning. But, the price varies only as much as the modifications or special features. A simple Custom Mobile Learning would cost just as much as custom eLearning, or maybe even less in some cases.

Misconception #5: It has Accessibility Issues

Well, this may have been an issue during yesteryears, but is no longer so. iOS, Android, Microsoft and now Google- all mobiles mandatorily include accessibility features, including captioning, voice over and speech functions. Not, just that app/ learning developers even take into consideration the issues related to color blindness while developing custom mobile learning.

Custom Mobile Learning is definitely more about the comfort. A learner centric approach that takes into consideration the daily choices, the preferences of a learner rather than forcing them to the way of learning. With the growing emphasis on offline learning- mobile learning will no longer be hindered by the issue of connectivity and hence be learning-anywhere, anytime in true effect.

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