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Knowzies have been always passionate about eLearning and the learning technologies and excited about sharing our experiences with the world outside. As a young, enthusiastic, and innovative organization, we have always ensured that we are updated with the latest trends in learning technologies and in the L&D space. With steady year-on-year growth for the past 3 years, we are glad to open our knowledge sharing to the external world. Today we are glad to announce the launch of our official blog site. I also would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all our supporters, friends, relatives, and our customers who throughout our journey believed in us and trusted our capabilities. Your love and trust have helped us to achieve this milestone and we are confident that along with you this journey is going to be more memorable and enjoyable in the future. The launch of our official blog site is a first step towards giving back to society.

In our blogs we are committed to sharing the latest information, trends, key tips, useful updates with our esteemed readers and we will ensure that we take this as an opportunity to hear back from our readers. In our blogs, we will be focusing on topics like-

  • Rapid tool based eLearning technologies and trends
  • eLearning development best practices using rapid authoring tools
  • Flash to HTML eLearning trends
  • Mobile Learning and mobile application development
  • Responsive designs and changing trends in mobile learning
  • Multidevice testing of eLearning courses both on desktop and mobile devices
  • Performance support solutions
  • People analytics
  • Learning Management System
  • Latest L&D and HR trends from an eLearning perspective

We are sure that you will enjoy reading our blogs and will actively participate in the discussions. We look forward to your comments/suggestions on our blog. We also welcome industry thought leaders to share their thoughts on our website. In case if you are interested in writing as a guest blogger on our website related to any specific topic you can get in touch with us at

Wish you all happy reading and am excited to interact through our blogs with you.

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September 7, 2022
6 Benefits of Outsourcing Your eLearning

Are you evaluating the decision of where you must do you eLearning development inhouse or outsource. Here are some of the tips on benefits of custom eLearning outsourcing for you.

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September 1, 2022
Importance of eLearning in Remote Onboarding of Employees

eLearning is important for remote onboarding. Instead of going the traditional way of listing out the importance, what if we use a scenario instead?

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August 22, 2022
Gamification for Safety Training

“Jack fell down and Broke his Crown, and Jill came tumbling after”.The lines from a rhyme that most of us chanted during childhood, but now that I look back, Jack must have been severely injured, and Jill too, considering the fact that both tumbled down the hill.

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Recent Case Studies
December 19, 2020
Only Assessment Skill Assessment App

Knowzies Team developed a solution that consisted of a responsive web application with admin and user functionality. The admin can create assessments and assign those to users based on time and date. There are 6 different types of questions that can be created or bulk uploaded by the admin. This is a highly scalable architecture and is built to handle the load of as much as more than 5000 concurrent users. It had 4 types of users viz super admin, evaluator, and user.

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December 17, 2020
On the SAAS Software Review Platform

Knowzies team offered a solution that consisted of a responsive web application that is available in 4 different languages- English, Spanish, Italian, and French. The main portal offered an excellent search facility to search the required product based on category, feature, pricing, country, etc. It also showed the latest trends in the industry and top 3 products based on the user’s reviews. It had 5 different types of modules like Main Page, Categories (further split into subcategories), market analysis and trends, and some useful resources.

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December 14, 2020
Compliance Training App

Knowzies team created a solution that consisted of a responsive web application with multi-portal functionality. The main portal was integrated with the client’s website. An iOS, as well as an Android mobile app, is also part of the solution. It had 4 types of users viz super admin, master admin, sub-admin, and learner. Knowzies team adopted SCRUM methodology for managing this solution which was built across 8 sprints.

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