Feature Comparison Of Top 3 eLearning Authoring Tools

Many a times this is a very commonly asked question to us by our clients - Which Authoring Tool is best for eLearning Development and at times it is difficult to differentiate which one is really the best. The decision of which tool to be used really depends on various factors like interactivities, media, multi-device output requirement, ease of use, cost, time to deliver, expertise, etc to name a few. In this blog we have tried to put together a simple listing of various features available in each eLearning Authoring Tool. Hope this bird's eye view will help to have a better idea on features of each tool -

Sr. No Articulate Storyline 2.0 Adobe Captivate 9 Lectora Inspire 16
1 Intuitive User Interface Intuitive user interface Responsive Course Design (RCD)
2 Text Editing Adobe Captivate Draft Additional Status Action Condition Relationships
3 Dockable Panels Roundtripping with Microsoft PowerPoint Inline Variable Replacement
4 Slide View Toggle Multistate objects Improved test results
5 Content Importing Object styles Enhanced Likert questions
6 New Languages Equation editor Improved bullets and numbered lists
7 Slide Templates Master slides Additional status indicator objects
8 Characters Professional project templates Media play optimized
9 Timeline Interactions library Enhanced Progress Bar Action
10 Story View Themes Increase/Decrease Text Size
11 Customizable Player Multiscreen responsive eLearning authoring Quick Tour
12 Slide Masters iOS device capture Compatibility with Lectora Online 3
13 Themes Multidevice previews Improved PowerPoint importing
14 Color Themes Gesture-enabled mobile learning Enhanced support for xAPI-based titles
15 Format Painter Geo-location support New closed captioning file support
16 Zoom Relative smart positioning of objects New sets of check boxes and radio buttons
17 AutoRecovery Device-aware eLearning delivery Enhanced Preview in Browser
18 Motion Paths Native support for HTML5 objects Additional FTP Transfer Mode
19 Slide Layers Best-in-class HTML5 publishing Quick Launch access to ReviewLink
20 Triggers Responsive themes Set Completion Status renamed to Set Tracking Status
21 States MinMax object sizing Convert Existing Titles to RCD
22 Slider Interactions Asset store Auto-Fit Mobile Devices
23 Convert to Freeform Responsive Motion Effects without programming Responsive Title Themes
24 Variables Interactive slide shows with multistate objects Responsive Page Layouts
25 Exit and Entrance Animations Multistate support for drag-and-drop interactions RCD Device Inheritance
26 Markers Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) support Reset Overrides
27 Animation Painter Actors Cross-Device Object Moving and Resizing
28 Transitions Customizable Smart Shapes Automatic Page Height Adjustment
29 Lightboxes Colors and effects CurrentView Variable
30 Buttons Rollover slidelet, images and captions Device Rotation Trigger
31 Hotspots Best-in-class screen capture Enhanced Preview in Browser
32 Data-Entry Fields High-definition screencast  
33 Mouse Objects Audio-video support and synchronization  
34 Scrolling Panels Scenario branching  
35 Screen Recording Text to speech  
36 Software Simulations Support for right-clicking in simulations  
37 Action Fine-Tuning Auto-text captions  
38 Multimedia Support Table of contents and Aggregator  
39 Video Text enhancements  
40 Web Objects Pan and zoom support  
41 Screenshot Tool Customizable skins  
42 Quizzing Comprehensive quizzing  
43 Freeform Questions Knowledge Check questions  
44 Multiple Quizzes Responsive drag-and-drop interactions  
45 Negative Scoring Pretest and branch-aware quizzing  
46 Question Import Multiple question types  
47 Question Banks Comprehensive scoring  
48 HTML5, Flash, Articulate Mobile Player Remediation  
49 Publish to Microsoft Word Randomized quizzing and question pools  
50 Tracking and Reporting In-product LMS preview  
51 Right-to-Left Language Support Publish to Adobe Captivate Prime and other LMSs  
52 Translation Support Shared Advanced Actions  
53 Section 508 Accessibility Roundtripping with Adobe CC  
54 WCAG Accessibility Accessibility support  
55 Custom Tab Order Multiformat publishing  
56 Player Font Size Native app publisher  
57 Skip Player Navigation Unicode support  
58 Language ID for Screen Readers Right-to-left language support  
59 Keyboard Support for Sliders Popup blocker  
60   Retina display support  

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Please note, this feature list is picked up as is from the respective websites of each product and below are the sources of information

  1. Articulate Storyline 2.0
  2. Adobe Captivate 9
  3. Lectora Inspire 16

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