Top 3 Reasons for Switching eLearning Providers

How often have we heard from the hexagenerians that in the past they purchased certain goods from the same store for decades? Times then were simpler then, and choices scare. Today however, the scenario is different with at least 50 providers selling the same product or service. Goes without saying that the same applies for eLearning too. There are hundreds of eLearning providers to choose from, each offering specific set of exclusive features. However, even after all the careful considerations and deliberations, the choice may not fulfill the requirements or even fall short at many places. Most tend to adjust. However, there comes a point when replacement or switching vendors may seem like the best option.

But, what prompts the actual need to change? Here are the top 3 reasons for switching eLearning providers. The reasons can be broadly classified as follows.

1. Cost

The cost is at times becomes a critical aspect. This usually is the case where the actual cost is hidden under technical jargons and is not clarified by both the parties. Clients may end up finding that they are actually only paying for the envelope and that the contents would come at an additional cost or as an add-on. Such situations can particularly tend to be annoying. Proper Communication, lack of proper processes etc. can tend to aggravate the issues.

2. Content

eLearning is mostly about the content and its quality. A client-vendor relationship often wobbles when the content quality degrades. This can be the case when large projects are handed over at a short time, pressurizing the provider to make compromises here and there, affecting the overall quality of eLearning. While such matters can be avoided through proper planning and understanding, it becomes tough to ignore if the same issue repeats over and over. The same goes if the vendor tends to ignore quality testing just to speed up the process.

Similarly, as the ROI depends on how effective the course is, it is often seen that dissatisfaction begins when the courses do not have the same effect as envisaged.

3. eLearning Provider

While the process of selecting an eLearning provider can seem painstaking, there are chances that low cost and fast response etc. are the primary reasons that prompt the final choice. But, as the old adage goes, 'Haste makes waste' (though not in the physical sense). The consistency of output is one aspect most clients have issue with, the provider’s professionalism too impacts the relation. Processes, communication channels etc. play a key role too.

However, more often than not, delays in delivery dates or the lack of punctuality tend to be the deal breakers.

In the end, any client-eLearning provider relationship is only as good as the eLearning that is delivered. While most reasons for switching can be easily resolved between the client and service provider, what happens after becomes even more critical as it then can either ripen or rot the relation.

As eLearning providers, we at Knowzies take special care in meeting all the requirements of our clients. Get in tough for your eLearning requirements.

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