Artificial Intelligence (AI) in eLearning: What Does It Offer?

What do I, Robot, Transcendence, Chappie, Avengers: Age of the Ultron have in common? Well, apart from the high-paced, CGI based action! the movies revolve around the ever-intriguing topic Artificial Intelligence (AI). While, movies tend to portray AI as the unseen anti-hero plotting to take over the world, in the real-world AI has a long way to go. Siri, Google assistant, and Cortana, Amazon’s Alexa may have become household names, but, neither scaring people (pun intended-unaware about Alexa’s creepy laughs?) nor world domination could be counted as the primary function of virtual assistants and each needs fine tuning at various levels to be called nearly perfect (roughly compared here).

But, AI is not just that. Recently, Machine learning a subset of AI, has been gaining popularity. So, what does AI offer? Well, as we discussed in the post about key trends in 2018, the scope is vast, however, the potential is yet to be harnessed. Let’s take a closer look at what AI has to offer and how it could be important for eLearning.

Improved Automation

Successful training is usually the result of perfect scheduling, data mapping, analyzing reports etc. AI can easily take over such tasks, hence decreasing the time and effort that goes behind such tasks, let alone the number of people involved. With machine learning in play, it can gradually schedule, allocate learning to different learners based on the analysis done on all the learners. Even, Course adjustments, just-in-time support etc. can be handled accordingly.

Better Personalization

Predictive analysis is the best aspect of machine learning. AI hence, can be used to study and analyze the learning pattern of different learners, to suggest customizations and personalization based on such analysis. So, for instance, for a tech savvy, Gen X learners AI could suggest a more advanced game-based learning, while for others it could suggest courses to fill the skill-gaps, or for revising the learning.

Immersive Experiences

Providing learning that fits the context in a way that suits the learners, AI makes this possible. AI can be used to identify the specific learning needs of each learner; predictive analysis could help in charting the right kind of learning plan for each learner. Such learning experience can establish a better connect with the audience and AI assistants can help in creating an immersive experience too

Improved Motivation and Retention

As the learning becomes more individualized and personalized, it becomes more contextual, hence the learners get just what they want, without having to run through all the additional stuff. This in turn can motivate them to learn. Such self-driven learning also improves retention, and with AI in the picture, repetitive learning, revision etc. can be scheduled as needed too.

From assistance to big data analysis, to predictive analysis, data gathering, AI has a lot to offer. Maybe, in a few years the development process could even be fully automated, so could the design process. However, the creativity and innovativeness aspects and major part of course design will still need human intervention. AI, still has a lot in terms of effort and time reduction in the entire eLearning design, development and deployment process. But, the question lies in how it is utilized.

Have you been pondering about the influence of AI in eLearning too?

If so, do share your thoughts.

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