6 Benefits of Using Interactive Videos in eLearning

Interactive Video, is a term we all are relatively aware of. Thanks to the popular music video, Coldplay’s Ink, it has been experienced by multitudes (unfortunately it is no longer available now, check out the preview here).

We have already discussed in detail about what Interactive Videos are, how far it has reached and talked about the authoring tools that offer the option of creating Interactive videos in a post titled, The New Age of eLearning With Interactive Videos. In another post, we wrote about the 3 Best Ways to Use Interactive Videos in Improving eLearning. Now that we look back we have missed out on the crucial thing that requires to be brought to the limelight, which is none other than the benefits of interactive videos.

Here are 6 benefits offered by interactive videos.

1. Interactivity

Taken for granted, right? However, research has revealed “that interactivity-if it is not understood as random access to information but as possibility to interfere into a didactic offer-can increase the efficiency of learning programs and therewith support the individual learning process” (Schwer, 2002). Interactivity can be divided into various degrees, as it can be seen in the following chart (Schulmeister,2003).  An interactive video can include interactions at all the above-mentioned levels, hence opening up the possibilities for learner motivation, self-driven learning and even personalized learning.

2. Motivation

Motivation as mentioned above, comes with the level of interactivity that is offered. In some cases, the scenarios used can be so real, that the learner is engrossed and motivated to interact till the end. Take for instance the interactive video Lifesaver. The motivation here is the urge to save a life, and it works perfectly. The whole narration, background score etc. take it to a whole new level.

3. Highlights Information

Normal videos usually maintain a flow and in many cases the crucial information just becomes a part of it. With interactive videos the critical information can be highlighted using minimal interactions, hence emphasising its importance and making the learners aware about it.

4. Explorative

A normal video usually relays a single point. But it fails to answer is the ‘what ifs’. With interactive videos, various outcomes of varied choices can be shown. Hence, allowing the learners to analyse the choices, weigh the options without any actual damage (say for instance, in Disaster management training).

5. Mobile Access, Microlearning

While these are attributes often associated with video based eLearning, it also applies for interactive videos. Interactive videos can be designed as short microlearning modules to deliver performance support, or Just-in-time training. Accessibility on all devices increases its mobility and outreach too.

6. Gamification

With interactive videos, the scope of gamification increases. The interactions in themselves can be part of an elaborate gameplay with scoreboard and feedbacks, quick mini quizzes, additional trivia etc. to add to the game like feeling. This in turn can engage the learners for longer time, and be used to deliver complex learning concepts in an interactive format.

Interactive videos have a lot to offer. But, in the end it all comes down to how well it is designed or conceptualized. The strength of interactive video based eLearning depends on the storyboard, the visuals, the audio and most importantly the relevant use of interactivities.

Are you planning on incorporating interactive videos in the eLearning strategy? Worried about how to get started? Get in touch with our creative team at

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