Mobile Learning: A Game Changer in Compliance Training

Ever played those educational games for children in the age group of 0-3 years? If you have you sure have heard all the ‘Wows’, the ‘Hurray’s ‘and the weird pinging sounds associated to each action. Apart from the multicolored objects and buttons, those aspects are elements that keep the kids engaged. But, as the learning theorist say andragogy is quite different from pedagogy. Which is why, when it comes to training and that too compliance training more than the colors and interface etc., the convenience of use, the accessibility, etc. takes over.

The modern workplace especially requires a more flexible kind of learning strategy. The demographic, new skill requirement, digitalization, automation etc. and more all point towards mobile learning. As discussed in a former post the Importance of Mobile Accessibility in New Age eLearning cannot be ignored and mobile learning does make learning easier for the learners. On the other hand, compliance is a critical subject that drives the sustainability, market value, employee satisfaction and is quintessential for the maintenance of industrial and regulatory standards.

With modern workplaces looking into effective online compliance training (here are some tips), the switch to mobile is just the natural choice. Even more so when the statistics point towards the change too. According to RCR Wireless News, “The global mobile workforce is set to increase to 1.87 billion people or 42.5% of the global workforce in 2022, up from 38.8% in 2016. As workers become increasingly mobile, so does their primary work device. Employees are moving toward smaller, more portable devices and tablets, wearables and ultrabooks are expected to be the primary work devices by 2020.”

Mobile Learning adds the much needed spark in compliance training. The flexibility that mobile learning offers allows the organizations to engage with their employees, make value additions to the learning and development through close observation.

According to a report by MyCloudIT, “workers are more productive when they can bring their own device, and when workplace mobility is encouraged.” Goes without saying that compliance training delivered as mobile learning allows learners to utilize the BYOD policy in training too.

Mobile learning covers a variety of media, including video content, textual content (PDFs, infographics, ePUB etc.), games, podcasts, socio-collaborative learning and more, allowing learners to undergo training in an optimized schedule, utilize downtime etc.

In most cases compliance training is mandatory and even recurrent. And not just that, the content is so exhaustive that the entire course would run for hours, hence tying down the employees to one place, in turn decreasing the productivity by consuming the working hours. The inclusion of mobile learning in the compliance training strategy would ideally mean that the learners can optimize their time and create a more flexible schedule for learning. This mean they no longer are stuck in mandatory learning hours, training rooms and are not stuck to their desks either. Right from learning while travelling to on-the-job assistance, mobile learning makes it all simpler. Not to forget the benefits of apps and offline apps too, that make compliance training a 24X7 process, self-paced, personalized and hence with improved retention and application.

Mobile Learning has great many benefits including the charm it holds for the modern learners, the facility of chunking down information and packaging as Microlearning that can be easily absorbed. Mobile Learning clubbed with scenario-based learning or game elements can make compliance training highly interactive and can even bring the level of entertainment that kid-game apps bring along. This would in turn make understanding even complex regulations easier. Competitiveness also acts as a motivational factor for learning.In addition to all that understanding learning pattern, assessing the learning and evaluating the effectiveness of training too can be done easily with mobile learning.

Mobile Learning if adopted properly, can turn the tables and make compliance training a more interesting, engaging and interactive activity. With all the features that mobile learning offers, it can truly be a game changer in compliance training.

What do you think? Do share your thoughts.

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