How to Enhance eLearning Engagement for Compliance Training

'Code of Conduct'. What thoughts does this word trigger in your mind? Long, boring, so much reading amongst others? Well, can’t help but agree to that. Compliance training is capable of generating such emotions. All thanks to the years of exposure to the same old traditional representation of Compliance training. However, things have changed now. The modes of learning delivery have multiplied, the development process has been simplified, the design frameworks are customizable, the learner demographic has shifted and even the training approaches have altered. So, doesn’t Compliance training need transformation too?

The adoption of eLearning for compliance training has been embraced with open armsmore so because it offers cost benefits too. However, there still remain some lingering doubts about the mundane, unmotivating, forced compliance training. Which is why, a lot of focus now goes into creating engaging eLearning courses for compliance training. So, without further ado here are a few ways to enhance eLearning engagement for compliance training.

Provide Valid Reasoning

But why? Isn't that a universal question? Rather than imposing the learning upon the learners, create a favorable environment. Promote learning and relay the true importance of compliance training. Use scenarios to explain the issues encountered when compliance standards are not met. This kind of approach can usually build a sense of responsibility in the learners which in turn can trigger interest and motivate the learners to engage with eLearning compliance training.

Increase the Relevance

A good example usually goes a long way if the learners can relate with it. So, instead of pointing at some far-fetched theory, use stories or scenarios based on real-life issues in compliance training. Simulations, games designed using real-environment as reference can also increase the engagement with eLearning. Such compliance training doesn’t just engage the learners but also ensures that the learning is applied in the appropriate situation.

Keep it Simple

While the whole concept about compliance may be complex. Even the terminologies and thelist of dos and don’ts can be quite complicated. However, to make compliance  eLearning engaging, try to avoid complex jargons, and use simple questions and answers for explanation.

Like any other training the engagement with eLearning often depends on the freedom it offers, the clarity in using navigation and the ease of running through a course, experimenting freely and choosing the right path. Compliance training can also be created as Microlearning, personalized learning, scenario-based learning, story-based learning and even as game-based learning.

In addition to this courses that provide on-the-job-support for certain compliance standards, can assist in getting the desired behavioral change and performance improvement too.

So, is Compliance training a part of your organization's eLearning? If not, get started at the earliest, and just drop us a message at and our team will get back to you at the earliest.

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