Top 6 Ways to Avoid Common eLearning Outsourcing Pitfalls

We all have some common road routes that we take repeatedly. As days pass by we become so acquainted with the route that we can cross it blindfolded. Goes without saying that we know exactly where the pitfalls are and the ways to avoid them! Something similar works when we have an experience in eLearning outsourcing.

We have been eLearning outsourcing and development partners for many organizations and have outlined the key benefits of outsourcing too. Through our interactions with our esteem clients we have been able to identify the common areas of concern. Here are the top ways to avoid those pitfalls and to make the most of the outsourcing partnerships.

1. Appropriate Need Analysis

No matter how good the eLearning vendor is and no matter how well the eLearning is created, all’s a waste if your organization doesn’t need eLearning to begin with. Plunging into eLearning outsourcing without analyzing the eLearning requirements of the organization is a major pitfall. So, the first word of advice, conduct a thorough need analysis involving all the key stakeholders before getting into the nitty-gritty of eLearning outsourcing.

2. Conduct Proper Background Check

Though this is a step that should be a part of vendor selection, it has been mentioned by clients that the eLearning vendors they outsource to do not meet the required standards. Well, our answer to that, do the background check, find out which clients they have previously worked with, take a good look at the samples shared, request for the client testimonials and talk to the organizations they have worked with. Move ahead with the outsourcing venture if all seems good. Fair enough right?

3. Set the Expectations Straight

It’s often stated that the outputs do not match the expectations and fall short on various aspects, but the major issue here is that the expectations are often not relayed clearly at the start. In simple terms, if you say a house with 3 bedrooms, there are multiple ways to construct it. But, if you have a clear plan drafted out, then you can get an output that matches the expectations. It’s the same for eLearning too. So, at the very start clearly discuss about the objectives, the design concepts and the technological aspects with the eLearning vendor, clarify the issues that crop up during discussion and then get started.

4. Establish a Proper Communication Channel

eLearning Outsourcing isn’t just about placing an order and getting it delivered. It involves regular meetings and feedback, even changes from time to time. This becomes tough and is often considered a hurdle. The best option here is to establish a proper channel for communication, have scheduled dates for meetings. Such a process not only ensures that the eLearning is delivered on time, but also takes care of the overall quality of work.

5. Discuss in Advance about the Cost Proposal

There’s an old saying, “don’t cry over spilt milk.” It is pointless to cry about the cost once all the work is done, it only leads into a bad relationship. Failing to Understand the vendor’s cost model is an eLearning outsourcing pitfall. To avoid conflicts, both the client and the vendor should sit down and understand how the costing works, the additional costs related to technology, design etc. After all, there’s nothing that an open heart-to-heart conversation cannot solve.

6. Be Strict About the Timelines

eLearning outsourcing is a partnership where both sides have their say. But when it comes to delivering on time, there can be issues and this affects the entire eLearning strategy and explanations fail to help in such situations. It is always better to be strict about timelines from the very start and this applies for both sides. While the vendors should deliver the design concepts, alpha, beta version etc. on time, it is the duty of the client side to ensure that reviews and feedbacks are shared on time to make the process smooth and delay free.

eLearning Outsourcing is simple and quite beneficial once all the elements fall into place. The above mentioned tips can assist in making the outsourcing process simpler and avoiding the same mistakes that most organizations tend to make. A balanced, well-planned approach significantly increases the chances of success when it comes to eLearning outsourcing and also helps in establishing a long-term partnership with the eLearning vendors.

We have been working as trusted eLearning outsourcing partners for many organizations.

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