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Unlock the power of reliable and authentic data with Knowzies People Analytics services. Take well-informed decisions and make a dramatic improvement.

Analyze & Develop with
People Analytics

Reliable data is a priceless commodity! We empower you to accurately identify what learning solutions work and what doesn’t with your workforce. Get smart! Get timely information! Make the right decisions with Knowzies People Analytics.
Sophisticated Features That
Measure Your Success
Get reliable analytics solutions that prompt organizational growth with Knowzies. We offer you eLearning analytics that can play a crucial role in designing interactive and engaging learning content. It helps you understand what exactly works and doesn’t work for your learners and enables you to make well-informed interpretations.
Real-time Reports
Advanced analytics that gives you reports based on real-time data to discover, compare, and improve your learning strategies.
Insightful Data Mining
Tried-and-true data mining to solve big and small organizational challenges and gain actionable insights.
Insightful Identifications
Easy and quick identification of probable dips in the classroom performance and engagement to come up with practical solutions.
Customizable Dashboards
Easy-to-use, role-specific dashboards that cater to specific user groups within your organization.
Aggregated Reports
Detailed and comprehensive report of the entire data collected from various eLearning solutions to assist you.
Reform Your

Learning Strategies
With People Analytics

A Precise
Analytics Service

Knowzies People Analytics experts showers you with useful actionable insights to improve the effectiveness of your learning programs.
Analyze every learner's performance with relevant people analytics data.
Identify the pitfalls and drawbacks of your course content and training strategies.
Plan on implementing innovative methodologies to make learning more enjoyable.
Single out the reasons for dips in learning engagement and interaction during sessions.
Identify and analyze the reasons for the low attendance rate and make corrective decisions.
Implement result-oriented features and courses to upgrade and modify the content.
Sharpen Your Organization’s

Learning Initiatives!

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