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Revolutionize your training! Deliver just-in-time and bite-sized chunks of information and attain incredible learning outcomes with Knowzies microlearning content solutions!

Increase Retention with
Microlearning Solutions

Knowzies Microlearning is just what you need to train your workforce! We empower you with a versatile approach to deliver training content that is accurate, compact, easy to learn, and remarkably engaging. We are the learning technology solution provider who gives your workforce the freedom from work disruption and long training hours! Deliver content with focused bursts of information, reduce your training costs, and save precious time with Knowzies microlearning content solutions!

Bite-sized Learning


Increase Engagement
Knowzies microlearning always works because we follow the time-tested principles of cognitive science and adult learning. We make use of bite-sized microlearning to reinforce relevant learning that is equally applicable learners of all ages. It encourages incremental learning and the learners can themselves control when they learn and what they learn.
Tailored Content
Delivers targeted content tailored to the requirements of each learner to enrich their prowess and skills.
Stratified Learning
Guides systematic progress to higher levels of learning by teaching right from the foundational concepts to the beginners.
Constructive Feedback
Provides immediate performance-based feedback to rectify errors and streamline learning objectives.
Interlaced Learning
Creates training content for better concept reinforcement with a perfect blend of related knowledge areas.
Easy Retrieval
Offers the trainees multiple opportunities to retrieve information whenever and wherever they require it.

Boost Your ROI &
Uplift Your Team
with Knowzies Microlearning

A Convenient
Learning Solution

Knowzies microlearning solutions are created after focussed research and proven principles of training and learning. We help you get trendy and smart so that you can finally say goodbye to boring, conventional training! Knowzies microlearning services:
Offers an incremental learning process with a clear, linear narrative.
Applies concepts with realistic, interesting, and informative scenarios.
Gives trainees the power to control when, where, and what they learn.
Provides easily understandable content for learners of all ages.
Breaks down complex concepts for a cohesive learning experience.
Encourages deskless, remote, and on-the-go training to all your learners.
Gives solutions that are in mobile-friendly and device compatible formats.

Adopt Microlearning Solutions
with Nonpareil Expertise

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