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Build, deploy, and calibrate with immersive AR & VR solutions from Knowzies.Get customized, creative, experiential, and immersive learning solutions.

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Harnessing the power of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), we facilitate a unique and immersive approach that combines technology and learning to give you meaningful experiences. Tailored to suit your organization’s requirements, we offer you learning solutions that allow for both creative and experiential multimodal learning.
Stunning Solutions That
Create Meaningful Experiences
Give a new lease of life to your existing or new VR content with the help of our immersive learning solutions. Our solutions offer you measurable insights that can be deployed easily and scaled across all your business verticals. The role-plays and simulations further help your learners to feel that they are actually experiencing a real learning environment.
Create Content
Create content for single or multiple users with seamless integration of audio-visuals for interactive and experiential learning.
Create Experiences
Create relevant learning experiences by using spell-binding augmented reality for instructional videos, guides, and animation.
Promote Self-learning
Encourage self-paced learning by allowing the learners to explore new information by themselves without relying on others.
Get Insights
Derive advanced data-driven insights and generate downloadable text-based reports by adding reporting scripts to the content.
Offer Assistance
Make use of virtual information as a valuable tool to offer assistance in daily task applications like data visualization, social media filters, etc.
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We offer you one-of-a-kind immersive AR & VR learning solutions that can deliver complex concepts with incredible ease. Give your employees a virtual learning environment that closely mimics real-life situations. Watch them achieve greater levels of expertise in no time. As a leader in learning technology solutions we:
Lend assistance with world-class immersive learning services that ensures a robust and captivating learning experience.
Add a new dimension to your on-the-job learning experience. Learn what you want, and when you want it without any disruption to your workflow.
Offer unbelievably realistic 3D objects designs and environments that can be used for video animations, computer simulation, AR/VR, and eLearning.
Deploy safe learning techniques for your employees to master unsafe procedures. Use risk-free training with VR learning.
Provide incredible insights into your employee skills, involvement, and abilities with accurate data collected from the user experience.
Help you gain immense profits and incredible ROI with our immersive learning solutions that can be easily distributed and deployed across organizations.
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