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Let us help you in making your learning more engaging and motivating with gamification and add some visually appealing and interesting elements with game-based learning.

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Motivate, promote, and create achievers with Knowzies gamified learning solutions for eLearning! Bestow your workforce with enhanced learner engagement and knowledge retention. Gamified learning offers you more flexibility by combining three forms of communication in one- verbal, non-verbal, and visual.
Engaging Features That
Create Delightful Experiences
We develop immersive, visually engaging, entertaining, and appealing simulations and games for you to capture your learner's interests. And, the interesting fact here is that we gamify not only the learning environment but the contents too! We offer you immersive simulations that place the learner in a virtual environment where they can practice, gain real-time coaching benefits, and also learn from their mistakes.
Compelling Scenarios
Offers you refined narratives, exciting rules, and learning-oriented interactions that enable your learners to make sound decisions.
Multiple Levels
Offers the provision for your learners to progress from one level to another after reaching goals that will unlock new levels. This instills a sense of accomplishment.
Challenging Rules
Draws boundaries by applying fair rules for every gamified module to make learning challenging and exciting.
Valuable Feedback
Provides checks, badges, and progress bars to give you the right feedback and check on your learner’s progress.
Timed Games
Provides every game the option to use a countdown or timer to instill a sense of urgency and excitement.

Add The
Fun Element to Learning

An Exciting
Learning Solution

Knowzies gamification services offer you a successful learning strategy that creates a virtual environment for a real-time coaching experience. With Knowzies’ tried and vetted gamified solutions you get:
Remarkable gamified elements that instill life in non-game situations.
Tailored learning paths building different levels of games.
Gamification for compliance training, induction, and onboarding.
Expert gamification activity monitoring under a single platform.
Unparalleled gamified versions of real-life situations for safe training.
Game-based concepts aligned to match your organization's objectives.
Gamification for the product, sales, soft skills & professional skills training.
Effective data analytics for performance insights of your organization.
Experience the

Engrossing Gamification

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